Youth Group Program

The 2020/2021 Youth Group, like just about everything, has been pretty much a bust due to the pandemic. We did have a Youth Pheasant Hunt in October but we held no monthly sessions. We propose to hold a June session which would be Trap Shooting. At that time we will have trap shooting far all ages and levels of experience and we will have Pizza for all.

The 2021/2022 season will be our seventh (7th). Our participation has been diminishing recently as kids grow up and go to college. We hope some new kids and parents will start participating.

The objective of the Youth Group is to introduce boys and girls to knowledge and skills related to various outdoor subjects and activities. We have typically held monthly evening meetings at the Club House (with occasional weekend outside activity or field trip)at which a subject will be discussed by some knowledgeable person. The following is a summary of subjects we have done in the past. Most of these could be repeated and additional subjects could be presented.


Trap Shooting

Rifle shooting

Muzzle Loader Shooting


Reloading (Shot Shell & Rifle)


Small Game (Pheasant, Ruffed Grouse, Cotton Tail Rabbit)

Water Fowl (Identification & Nesting Box Construction)

Wild Turkey

Deer & Black Bear



General Fishing

Fly Tying and Fly Casting

Ice Fishing




Tree and Plant Identification





Conservation Officer

Forest Ranger

We hope that a new generation of boys and girls will start participating and that a group of parents will help continue this club sponsored activity. Please call Dick Elliott at (315)655-9847 if you have any questions, suggestions or wish to help. Our first meeting was June 17th and our next meeting will be in September.  An email will be sent out as to the date.