Officers and Board of Directors

We would like to welcome Al Henson to the Board of Directors, and say a huge thank you to Alex Wisniewski.  Alex has resigned as a Director, but will still be around to lend a hand.


Mike Stiner – President 315-447-7593

Wayne Wilcox – Vice President 315-575-1303

Lisa Webster – Secretary 315-481-8482

Laura McKallip – Treasurer 315-720-2976

Board Members

Dennis Bobbette – 315-289-5766 (Trap Team Captain)

Mike Bumpus – 315-706-4226 (Trap machines)

James “Shelfy” Andrews 315-243-3969 (Kitchen)

Mike Cullen – 315-657-0333 (Archery)

Lucas Greczyn 315-345-3138 (Pistol/Rifle range)

Rob Rutter 607-346-3273 (Trap machines)

Alton (Al) Henson 315-706-8816 (Archery)

Committee Members

Dale Evans – (315) 256-4225 (Rifle/Pistol Range Master)

Mark Schmidt- (315) 256-7926 (Winter Family Archery League)