Rifle/Pistol Range news

Pistol/Rifle range hours:

Monday-Saturday, 8am-8pm

Sunday 10am-6pm.

We are are always looking for any lumber/plywood, to be used for our stands.  Drop off anytime, right next to the shed. 

One guest is allowed per membership, and the guest must accompany the member. After that first visit, if that member continues bringing that guest, then that guest is required to become a member. Membership cards must be displayed on the member while using the range. Any member can ask a shooter for their membership card. If you do not have your membership card on you and an officer or board member asks for it, you will be asked to leave.

It has been brought to our attention that shotguns using birdshot, target loads, etc. have been used at the range.  Our targets have been destroyed.  Someone has even taken the rifle stands and shot them up as well.  There is a patterning board to the north of the clubhouse for this purpose.  Only slugs are allowed at the range.   Also, clean up after yourself.  Yes, we have a rangemaster, but he is not a maid.  Throw your trash in the proper receptacles.  If we find out who has done this, it is possible their membership could be revoked.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is birdshot.pngThe rifle/pistol range is open Monday through Saturday 8 am to sunset, and Sunday 10 am to 6pm. These hours change slightly according to the time of year and daylight savings time, but if it is too dark for you to see your sights, the range is probably closed.

Range rules and etiquette reminders: We work hard to keep the range clean and safe and to maintain convenient target frames and backstops for everyone to enjoy.  Here some things you can do to help:

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the range.
  • Tape or staple your targets only to the center parts of the wooden backstops, not to the edges (uprights) that support the backstops. Shooting holes in the uprights requires them to be replaced too frequently.
  • Shotguns may be used at the rife/pistol range only with slugs, not with birdshot, target loads or buckshot of any size. If you don’t know the difference between slugs and birdshot, read the box or ask someone. If you want to pattern your shotgun with birdshot there is a special target across the road just to the North of the Clubhouse and it has a large roll of brown paper already installed on it for this purpose.  The roll is removed in the winter time due to snow and wind damaging the roll.  It will be brought out once the weather permits.
  • Tannerite or other exploding/incendiary target substances are not allowed on the range.
  • Armor piercing bullets are not allowed since these projectiles punch holes in our expensive steel targets and ruin them.
  • “Range is COLD” definition: Whenever someone is down range (i.e., anyplace in front of the shooting benches) the range is “cold”. This means that EVERYONE should step back from their shooting station until no person is downrange.  This is NOT the time to be fiddling with your firearm, ammunition, making scope adjustments, loading or unloading your gun, doing dryfire practice or anything else.
  • Be respectful of your fellow shooters, follow basic firearm safety rules, and we all go home at the end of the day healthy and happy.