Archery news


Sunday family archery started Sunday, January 8th, 9am-Noon-ish.  Contact Mark Schmid at 315-256-7926.  Come out on Sunday morning and have some fun with the family!

300 League started Tuesday, January 10th.  We have 7 3/4 teams and are looking for 1 more Archer to make a total of 8 teams.  Of course, we always have room for more teams.  Also looking for subs.  Teams consist of 4.  If you’re not sure if this is for you, stop in on Tuesday nights and check this out.  Clubhouse opens at 6:00pm, target shooting starts at 6:30pm.  Looking for  more info?  Contact Al @ 315-706-8816 or Shelfy @ 315-243-3969.

Check out the video that was shot during the 1st shoot of the 3D Archery Series.

These are the winners from our Sunday family Archery:

Congratulations to everyone! You all are winners!!!

300 League Archery on Tuesday nights ended March 15th with their banquest on March 19th. Big Bucs was the winner: Art Western, Mark Schmid, Chris & George Chrysler. Congratulations!!