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To our members and the outdoor sporting community   The New York State Legislature, through two bills S6510 and A7785, is once again attempting to tinker with the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation which through the application of scientific methods has created a balance between the wants of man and the needs of wildlife.   The NYSDEC has instituted a rule change in the Southern Hunting Zone which allows for a bow and muzzle loader holiday hunt from Dec.26, 2021 to Jan.1,2022. This special week does not include the Northern Zone as deer there may be moving into their winter quarters. In our opinion this exemplifies the scientific approach to wildlife management. On the other hand we have the legislative, political approach, that these two bills exemplify. These bills, if passed, would allow county legislatures to opt-out of the holiday hunt. No matter the good intentions of the legislators this is unwarranted meddling which would cause confusion both for hunters and ECOs. The NYSCC asks that your contact your state representatives and ask them to vote against these bills. We ask this not just of the hunting community but of all of the sporting community as these bills represent an attempt to politically regulate an area where science should prevail.   In the United States and Canada, the Model operates on seven interdependent principles: 1.     Wildlife resources are conserved and held in trust for all citizens. 2.     Commerce in dead wildlife is eliminated. 
3.     Wildlife is allocated according to democratic rule of law.
4.     Wildlife may only be killed for a legitimate, non-frivolous purpose.
5.     Wildlife is an international resource.
6.     Every person has an equal opportunity under the law to participate in hunting and fishing.
7.     Scientific management is the proper means for wildlife conservation.    

Sincerely, Pat Mc Brearty, Legislative Chair of the NYSCC nyscc@nyscc.com 1-315-894-3302