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OPPOSE the DEC Proposed Regulation Allowing Counties to Opt Out of Holiday Deer Hunt
At the last meeting of the delegates from the Onondaga County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs held on September 20, 2021 a quorum was present. The delegates representing Sportsmen organizations voted unanimously to OPPOSE this proposed regulation.
The DEC manages wildlife through Wildlife Management Units (WMU). Some counties are included in several WMU, and some WMU contain several counties. Defining county lines while hunting in the forest would be very difficult to determine for hunters. Enforcement of this regulation would create challenges for the Environmental Conservation Police.
This regulation would give a county, by passing a local law, the ability to prohibit hunters from hunting deer in their county during a valid state hunting season. We feel counties do not have the authority to prohibit hunting in their county.
If a county chooses to opt out of the Holiday Deer Hunt, neighboring counties that do not opt out could receive additional undo hunting pressure as hunters from the closed county seek to take advantage of this state hunting season.
Several local landowners stated that they would permanently rescind access to snowmobile trails on their property if this regulation is adopted. This would affect the economic benefit snowmobiling brings to localities and the New York State.
Private landowners already have to right to limit who uses their land. They can grant access to hunters and/or snowmobilers as they desire. This regulation if adopted by a county would prohibit them from allowing deer hunting on their own property during the Holiday Deer Hunt – a state hunting season.
We need you to send a note to the DEC letting them know that you oppose proposed regulation.
All you need to do is copy the attached text of the letter and email it to the DEC at: wildliferegs@dec.ny.gov